Base Stamps 2000 to 2006


2000 XVI Lighters made in January & February only have XVl on the base. The I on the bottom line has regained its cross lines
2000 2000


Lighters made from March onwards have both 2000 & XVl on the base The "I" on the bottom line has also lost the cross lines.
2001 01 The typeface used on the bottom line altered (Notice the lines across the top of the I)
2002 02  
2003 03  
2004 04  
2005 05 There was a slight alteration to the hinge in February. Hinges made from Feb onwards are narrower (see detail). In April 2005 the bottom stamp changed slightly, in that the registered trade mark sign () was moved from below Zippo to above it. Some lighters in April were made with the at the bottom, and some were made with the at the top. Another alteration carried out at the same time was the font used in the bottom line. The easiest way to observe this is to look at the letter "I" in "MADE IN U.S.A. in the earlier version the I has cross lines at the top and bottom whereas in the later version these lines are missing. The spacing between words on the bottom line also altered slightly. It should be noted that the new design was previously used on Zippo lighters made between March and December 2000.
2005 05
2006 06  
2007 07 There are two minor adjustments to the bottom stamp this year. The date code is much thicker than in previous years and the after Zippo has been moved up and left

2000 to 2006 Inserts

From March 2001, the insert acquires a horizontal "Rib". this was designed both to improve the seal between the insert & case and to make it easier to remove the insert.

Towards the end of 2001 the small hole re-appeared in the felt

Another minor change in design occurred in August 2003. Inserts made from this date have a small "indentation" at the bottom of the cam. This indentation is on both sides of the cam. This was designed to reduce interference between the flat cam and the slightly rounded hinge.


1986 to 2000