Collectors Guides


Zippo first issued a collectors guide in 1982. This can be identified by the lack of a date of issue. As this was the first issue the "Date you lighter" page does not carry an update date. The early collectors guides can be dated by looking at the "Date Your Zippo" page as this page carries an update date. These were then published at irregular intervals, being updated as necessary. From 1993 the date is printed on the back cover and from 2001 the year is shown in the publication number on the back cover (Coll01=2001, Coll05=2005 etc.).

There are also some issues in French and at least one known issue in Japanese.


10/87 1/90 8/90
5/93 4/94 8/94
9/95 4/96 6/97
5/99 Coll01 Coll03
1986 French Issue 8/90 French Issue