Zippo Jeans Series


This page was added following a request for information by a fellow collector. The Zippo Jeans Collection first appeared in 1997 (although some of the lighters were manufactured in 1996). The original series featured a "Red Tab" on 3 of the four lighters. The lighters were again featured in the 1997 catalogues but by now the "Red Tabs" had disappeared. It is understood that a certain jeans manufacturer objected to the use of the red tab as this tab is a trade mark of that particular company. The scans below are all taken from the catalogues of the time and it is interesting to note that in the German catalogue the Red Tab name was continued for the first lighter even though the tab itself had been removed. It is not known how many of the 1997 lighters were produced.


Selects 97 - 98 (German) Catalogue

1998 Selects (German) Catalogue

1997 Collection (USA) Catalogue

1998 Collection (USA) Catalogue


One final point is the custom sleeve. Both the catalogues show this without the Red Tab, but all the first release lighters in my own collection have the Red Tab sleeve.