Hinge Alterations

Various alterations to the Hinge have taken place over the years. This page is an attempt to document them all in one place.

The first lighters, produced in 1933 were equipped with a 3 barrel outside hinge. This was available until 1936 when the four barrel outside hinge appeared for a short time. Towards the end of 1936 the hinge, still retaining the four barrels was moved to the inside of the case.

The hinge then remained the same until 1942 when the 3 barrel version was adopted, this time on the inside. This hinge had the centre barrel longer than the two outer barrels. From late 1946 to 1949, the three barrels were approximately equal in length and from 1949 onwards a five barrel hinge was used.

Whilst the 1949 hinge may appear the same as the hinge used today there are a number of differences. The five barrel hinge stayed the same until 1985, since when there have been three modifications.

During 1985 the upper part of the hinge changed from a square profile to a bevelled profile

From April 1996 the lower part of the hinge changed from a square profile to a bevelled profile

The width of the hinge was altered in February 2005, becoming slightly narrower


All date above are approximate and are based on observations of lighters in my collection. Some components would remain in stock and could therefore be used on lighters made after the dates specified.