New Lighters

When I rebuilt my site I decided to show the lighters in each category in date order. After converting the majority of my site to the new image page format, I realised that this would mean that when I added a new lighter I would have to totally re-upload all the thumbnail pages. Obviously this is a considerable amount of work if I am just adding one lighter to a page, so I have decided to add this page with my latest additions.

Below you will find a date, which will link you to the lighters added on that particular date. Once all the lighters have been placed in their correct category, then the folder will be moved down to the bottom of the page. Folders will be deleted after 3 months. Hopefully this will give infrequent visitors time to browse the new images.


19th August 2007

18th August 2007

29th July 2007

3rd June 2007

12th May 2007

28th April 2007 - This page includes the 1000th lighter in my collection

All the images below are also shown in their correct categories

22nd April 2007