Patented 1950 Bottom Stamp

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It has recently been noticed that there are two different versions of the Patented 1950 bottom stamp. The easiest ways to differentiate are by looking at the shape of the "9" in 1950, or by comparing the position of the 0 to the bottom line. At the present time it is not known if the different stamps were used at different times or whether they were both used throughout the period 1951 - 1967.

It is possible that this information can be used to narrow down the dates of these lighters but much more research is necessary. I am hoping that other collectors will help with this research.

If you own any "PAT 50" Zippos, please look carefully at the bottom stamps and note which are type A and which are type B. Then look at the inserts and identify which are type 1, 2 or 3. Once this is done, please send the details to me

An example chart is shown below, this can be copied and pasted into your email program and altered as required.


Example Chart

Lighter type Insert type


A 1
B 1
B 3


Further research has shown that the type 1 insert is has the same differences as the bases. The picture below shows a close up of two inserts The top one uses a comma after both Canada & Niagara Falls and has the more rounded 9, whereas the bottom one uses full stops (or Periods) and has the fuller 9. The line length is also different (most noticeable when comparing lines 1 & 2.)

The research is indicating that the type B base and type 1b inserts were used from 1951 until at least 1954. There may have been a "crossover" with the type A base also being used between these dates, or the type A insert may not have been introduced until later. Research is ongoing.