A Year With Zippo

Some time ago, in the Zippo Click forums, a question was asked if any of the forum users had collected a full years worth of Zippos, i.e. all the month codes for A to L for a single year. At the time of the question I had a few years where I was close (10 different monthly codes) but no complete years. However a few weeks later and I had completed 2002, shortly followed by 2004 then 2005.

After posting in the forum that I had completed the year, it was then suggested that I try to obtain a lighter from each year the Zippo has shown monthly codes!

The monthly code first appeared in July 1986 (G-II), so 1986 give us 6 codes, then 12 each year. Even if you know the year of the lighter when buying online you have a 1 in 12 chance of receiving any given month, so although I'm not looking to complete this challenge, who knows what the future will bring?