Zippo Lighters Field Guide

Robin & Dana Baumgartner

ISBN: 0896893626

What do I say about this one? The image above is very close to the actual size of the book, but don't think it will fit in your pocket. The book is 1 inches (37mm) thick! The book contains over 500 pages, the majority of which are excellent photographs of Zippo's , each with a guide price. The book is split into various categories, covering many of the collecting themes, which makes it very easy to navigate, and it also contains an excellent index. This means that you can very quickly find a lighter, unlike most of the reference books above. Each section starts with an introduction to the theme, then moves on to the photographs and price guide. The introductory pages explain that the prices shown are not an exact science. Most people reading this will understand why two similar Zippo's can be sold at vastly differing prices, but for the lighters that I have looked at the guide prices seem accurate. One valuable section of this particular book is the index, If you see a lighter for sale, you can very quickly look to see if it is listed in the book.

If you are heading to a Zippo event, or even a flea market, take this and Zippo Manual No5, and you won't go far wrong.

Rating - Essential

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