Further Reading

Books about Zippos

Like any hobby, there are a number of reference sources available, however it is unlikely that you will be able to find any of the books listed below in your local library. Some of these books are easy to obtain (online bookstores are a good start) whilst others are more difficult. Just because it is shown here does not necessarily mean that the book is still in print.

The ratings below should be read in conjunction with the description on the linked page where further details of the book can be found. The views below are my personal opinion on the book concerned. As a collector, I want to have as much information about my collection available at my fingertips, but I also want to know the background information. All too often I have seen both buyers & sellers on EBay who have made fundamental errors. The errors by sellers is great for the collector who knows what to look for, but as a collector, investing in some of these books will help you avoid the pitfalls. The final column in the table is a score (from 1 to 5) of how useful I personally have found the book

Title Author Rating  
Zippo, The Great American Lighter David Poore Essential 5
Zippo Lighters, An Identification & Price Guide Russell E. Lewis or Kristian Pope Useful if you can't get Poore or the Zippo Manuals 3
Design Classics - The Zippo Tobias Kuhn If someone surprises you, by asking what you want for Christmas.... 1
Zippo A Collectors Companion Avi R.Baer & Alexander Neumark Useful as an introduction 3
Zippo Manual No 1 Kesaharu Imai Essential 5
Zippo Manual No 2 Kesaharu Imai If you collect Military lighters or fuel cans, then this is the book for you 4
Zippo Manual No 3 Kesaharu Imai Useful 3
Zippo Manual No 4 Kesaharu Imai Buy the others first 2
Zippo Manual No 5 Kesaharu Imai Essential (Even though it is in Japanese only) 5
Zippo Manual No 6 Kesaharu Imai Buy the others first 2
Zippo Lighters Field Guide Robin & Dana Baumgartner Essential 5
Images Of America Linda Meabon For the historian, it's great, but it's not much use as a collectors guide. 3
Les Briquets Zippo Eric Legučbe For the French speaking collector it looks like a useful book. ?
Zippo Advertising Lighters: Cars & Trucks Phillip K. Taggart Essential for the auto collector & Useful for the rest of us 3
And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters Volume 1 Michael Grimaldi Essential 5
The Vietnam Zippo 1933-1975 Jim Fiorella Essential - if you collect Viet Nam Zippos 4