Base Stamps 1986 to 2000

In 1986 Zippo adopted a system of Roman numerals to identify the year of manufacture. As there was no no requirement to use both sides a letter was added to denote the month of manufacture. A=January, B=February up to L=December

1986 II Only G to L (July to December are known to exist) (See Note)
1987 III  
1988 IV  
1989 V  
1990 VI  
1990 VI From October 1990 the words MADE IN U.S.A were added
1991 VII Some lighters are know to exist from 1991 with the 'Made In USA' missing. The base stamp is the same as that used in early 1990
1991 VII On later lighters the bottom line was "Stretched" (note the position of the relative to the bottom line) The earliest I have seen this is April, but I have seen later lighters with the short bottom line. It can only be assumed that both stamps were being used throughout the year
1992 VIII  
1993 IX  
1994 X  
1995 XI  
1996 XII A minor alteration was made to the hinge in April, from this date the lower part of the hinge is bevelled (See detail)
1997 XIII  
1998 XIV 1998 saw the first use of the "crossed I" (where the letter I in "Made In U.S.A." has the line to the top and bottom. I have found this on lighters from May, June July & August of this year, but further research is necessary.
1999 XV  
2000 XVI Lighters made in January & February only have XVl on the base. The I on the bottom line has regained its cross lines
2000 2000


Lighters made from March onwards have both 2000 & XVl on the base. The "I" on the bottom line has also lost the cross lines

1986 to 2000 Inserts


Around 1988/89 a minor alteration was made to the cam spring. The end nearest the flint wheel gained became tapered

In 1992, the design of the felt altered. Previous felt had a small hole (Possibly designed for storing a spare flint) this was removed and the felt was printed with "LIFT TO FILL" This is printed on both sides of the felt.

Towards the end of 1995 / early 1996, the typeface used on the stamping altered. The wording remained the same but the font size was increased.



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