The Vietnam Zippo 1933-1975

Jim Fiorella

ISBN 0-7643-0594-8

As "Viet Nam" lighters are the most common fake lighters encountered, it is essential that the collector researches the lighter before committing to buy. The most comprehensive published work on the subject is this book.

The book starts with a brief history section and then moves on to essential information on identifying "Rippo's" (Either fake Zippo lighters, not made by Zippo, or genuine lighters with much later engraving)  From the slim Zippo to the cut-down variety, to Barcroft table models; those engraved in English, or in Vietnamese, carried by Americans, ARVN's, Cambodians, Koreans; Army, Navy varieties and Marines, this author breezes through all of these areas in clear-cut chapters with plenty of example photos and archival images.

This book is worth it for the photos alone. The only book you will ever have to own for this hobby.

Anyone starting a collection of Vietnam Zippos is also advised to look at and both of which offer excellent advice and information

Rating - Essential, if you are collecting Viet Nam Zippos

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