Zippo Manual No 1

Kesaharu Imai

Written in Japanese and English, this is the first in a series of Collectors Guides published by World Mook in Japan. This particular volume starts earlier than most with a chapter on Bradford before Zippo! It then moves on to a brief history of Zippo followed by a chapter devoted to Kendall Oil. Two excellent aspects of this volume are the pull out date chart and the section on dating Zippo packaging.

256 pages

Chapter titles

1 : Bradford, Home of Zippo
2 : The Day Zippo Was Born
3 : Kendall Oil and Zippo
4 : Sport Series and Its Design Changes
5 : Debut of the Windproof Lady in Esquire
6 : GI's Best Friend in WWII
7 : Table Lighters and Their Changes
8 : Lifetime Billboard in a pocket
9 : Packages; a Part of Zippo Art
10 : Space Programs Engraved on the Cases
11 : In Vietnam, It Was More Than a Lighter
12 : How to Find the Year of Manufacture
13 : Military Zippos Fascinate Collectors
14 : An American Classic Works Forever

Rating - Essential

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