Zippo Manual No 2

Kesaharu Imai

The main subjects in Volume 2 are French Military and US Navy lighters. but there is a chapter devoted to the manufacturing process of a Zippo from a sheet of brass to a finished lighter. Also of note is the chapter on Zippo fuel cans. These are not as easy to date as an actual lighter, but this chapter will help.

Pages 256

Chapter titles

1 : Reliable Service of Zippo
2 : Town & Country
3 : Zippos in the Vietnam War
4 : Attractive Zippos
5 : Zippo Art
6 : Tips for Collecting Zippos
7 : Zippo Standard Models and Series since 1932
8 : From Metal Strip to a Final Product
9 : Designing Process at Zippo's Art Dept.
10 : Changes of Zippo Fuel Containers
11 : Brown Water Navy in the Vietnam War
12 : French Military and its Zippo Lighters
13 : U.S. Navy and Ship Lighters
14 : Collection of U.S. Navy Ship Lighters


Rating - If you collect Military lighters or fuel cans, then this is the book for you

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