Zippo Manual No 3

Kesaharu Imai

Volume 3 is split into 7 main chapters, Experimental, Advertising, Broken & Repaired, Masterpieces, History, Lighters and New Concepts. For the collector, the History section is by far the most useful, giving year by year photographs of Lighters, hinges, boxes and instruction manuals. There are also drawings of both the bottom stamp and the insert. To back this up the history section covers over 150 pages of photographs of lighters (with up to 36 photo's per page!) covering 1932 to 1993. I personally think that this particular section would have benefited from more descriptive text on the lighters concerned.

Pages 360

Chapter titles

1 : Museum of Zippo Experimental Models
2 : Museum of Zippo Episodes & Advertisements
3 : Museum of Broken & Repaired Zippo Lighters
4 : Museum of Masterpieces in the History of Zippo
5 : Museum of Zippo History
6 : Museum of Zippo Lighters
7 : Museum of Zippo New Concept

Rating - Useful

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