Zippo Manual No 4

Kesaharu Imai

I think the authors ran out of ideas when this one was talked about. It is mainly a photographic album of Zippo lighters, broken down into various headings. There is also a chapter on Zippo art, which details the process of adding logos to the lighters. This book is more "Arty" than the others in the series, and a lot of the photographs are general images to back up the chapter theme. This book contains very little descriptive text, so to someone wanting to learn about Zippos I would reccomend the others in the series first.

Pages 416

Chapter Titles

1 : Space Exploration on Zippo
2 : Photo Gallery
3 : The Wonderful World of Coca-Cola
4 : The Power of Reddy Kilowatt
5 : The Process Of Making Zippo Art
6 : Go, Go Football!
7 : Series of Town & Country
8 : Collection Of RCA Zippo
9 : We Love Denim
10 : Celebration of the50th Anniversary
11 : Disney on Zippo
12 : Good Old Days in America
13 : Pumping Oil Gasoline
14 : The Streamline Automobile
15 : Wartime Zippo
16 : Cigarette and Image World
17 : Sports Illustration on Zippo
18 : Locomotive and Motor Vehicle
19 : Zippo with Aviation Motif

Rating - Buy the others first

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