Zippo Manual No 5

Kesaharu Imai

The first of the Zippo Manuals not to be published in English. It's in Japanese only, but don't let this put you off. Much thinner (only 160 pages) and lighter than the others in the series and it needs to be because this is one book you will want to carry with you. The main body of the book is a year by year guide to Zippos with each page, and therefore each year, showing close-ups of  the bottom stamp, flint wheel,  hinge, cam, flint screw & felt, along with a number of more general photos. If you are off to a swap meet and want to be able to quickly date a Zippo, then this is the manual for you.

Pages 160

Chapter Titles

1 : Year by Year 1932 - 1996
2 : Visitors Center
3 : Swap Meet
4 : Richard Wallich
5 : Zippo New Products
6 : Year by Year 1997
7 : Insert and Base Stamp Details

Note: The chapter details above are my interpretation as the contents list is entirely in Japanese.

Rating - Essential (Even though it is in Japanese only)

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