Zippo Manual No 6

Kesaharu Imai

Again this volume is in Japanese only and the first few pages celebrate the achievements and History of the Japanese Zippo distributors. There are photographs of George Duke & George Blaisdell, along with what I can only assume are the representatives of Zippo Japan. We then move on to some nice year by year photographs of the very early Zippos, with comparison photographs of the detail differences such as hinges, cams and cam springs. The photographs of the bases in particular could have been enlarged and improved and many of the photos in this section are in black & white. This section also includes Zippo advertising of the era. Various years are illustrated up to 1997. The next section is dedicated to Zippo Canada but starts with the 1951 (3rd model) Again the photographs here are in black & white and the base stamp photographs could have been made a lot clearer, particularly as the early Canadian lighters are much more difficult to date that their American counterparts. The final section is a series of photographs of Zippo lighters through the years. This particular volume also contains advertising for various (Japanese) Zippo shops.


Chapter titles

1 : 70th Anniversary
2 : Zippo in Japan
3 : Let's Look Back, Zippo lighters from 1933 to 1997
4 : Zippo Canada
5 : Zippo Materials

Note: The chapter details above are my interpretation as the contents list is entirely in Japanese.

Rating - Buy the others first

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