Zippo Advertising Lighters: Cars & Trucks

Phillip K. Taggart

ISBN 0 7643 1175 1

This book starts off with a brief history of Zippo, which includes some early original advertising and artwork, this is followed, surprisingly, by sections covering table lighters and other Zippo items. It then moves on to a section on Automobile history, again with some excellent illustrations, before moving into the main context of the book. As the title implies, the book specialises in automotive advertising on Zippo lighters and the author has managed to cram over 650 illustrations into the book. As well as the more common lighter photographs, this book also includes a large amount of the original artwork used to create the designs on the lighters as well as details of how the images were applied. Even if you don't actually collect automotive Zippo's, the book is still a useful reference source.

Rating - Essential for the auto collector & Useful for the rest of us

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